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Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review


With the current pandemic and most of us staying home now more than ever before, hobbies such as woodworking are seeing a skyrocketing increase in popularity.

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a piece of wood and turning it into something useful and beautiful. Despite the rising price of lumber, woodworking is still popular.

The biggest challenge when embarking on woodworking (especially for beginners) is finding good plans to follow. Very often, the commercially-sold plans lack detail and assume that you’re already very skilled.

Furthermore, the plans are sold separately and the costs of buying individual plans can add up. Most woodworking enthusiasts don’t wish to spend too much buying plans - which is why one particular woodworking guide (with over 15k plans) has been an online bestseller for over a decade.

It’s none other than Ted’s Woodworking Plans. With thousands of copies sold, and just as many satisfied customers, one can safely say that this is the MOST popular woodworking manual on the planet.

Let’s see why…


The Good Points:

1) Firstly, the product was created by a very experienced woodworker, Ted McGrath. The man knows what he’s talking about from years of being involved with woodworking. So his product resonates with this niche audience… and they trust him fully.

2) When it comes to variety, Ted’s Woodworking Plans is second to none. With over 15,000 plans in this bundle, you’ll be spoiled for choice. There is no other woodworking product out there with so many plans.

With such a wide selection to choose from, every woodworker from a beginner to a pro will be able to find a plan they can use. Find an easy plan to follow… or pick a challenging project to challenge yourself – it’s all inside here.

3) High resolution plans are included in this product so that you have more clarity. Forget squinting or reaching for the magnifying glass. You’ll be able to understand Ted’s plans easily.

4) While most woodworking guides tend to use jargon and terminology related to the art, Ted has dispensed with complex language. The plans in this collection are easy to understand and laid out in a step-by-step format so that you can follow along without scratching your head or cursing your lack of knowledge.

This will be helpful for beginners to woodworking.

5) If you found yourself saying, “WOW!” when you saw that the bundle had 15,000+ plans, get ready for another WOW – it also has 150 instructional videos. Can you even believe that?

This product is not just a collection of plans but it’s a complete training on woodworking. Ted has really overdelivered here.

Truly value for money… and more importantly, it gives woodworking enthusiasts exactly what they need to hone their skills and excel at this activity.

6) There’s also a foundational woodworking manual to help beginners understand the basics of woodworking. You’ll learn the nuances and finer points that make all the difference. This is a 200-page guide.

There’s so much value here that we’re getting tired of praising this product. You should have already bought it by now. But if you’re still reading…

7) You’ll be glad to know that there’s a 3D modelling software and a DWG CAD file viewer included in this package. What does that mean?

It means you’ll be able to see what your finished project will look like before you even start. That’s fantastic. There’s no point in starting a project if you’re dissatisfied with how it’ll look at the end.

8) Speaking of dissatisfaction, guess what? If you’re not happy with Ted’s Woodworking Plans, you can always ask for a refund. You probably won’t, but you can. This product is covered by a full 60-day money back guarantee.

9) There’s tons of testimonials, social proof and evidence that this bundle of woodworking plans is a solid product that’s worth every cent. It’s very affordable too. It doesn’t get better than that!


The Bad Points:

1)  Can anyone say overwhelm?!!

There are about 15,000+ plans in this tome. Sifting through them may cause indecision. You won’t know which plan to choose because they all look so good.

The best way to get around this paralysis by analysis will be to pick a project that’s within your range of capability and just go for it. Once done, you can always come back and start on another one. There’s no need to do them all at once.

2)  Because the collection is so large, it’s not categorized too neatly. But this is not a big downside because you’ll be skimming (and not reading) through most of the plans and should be able to find one you like quite easily.

3)  This product is only available online. You won’t be able to borrow it from your local library. So, whip out your credit/debit card and ensure that you have an internet connection to purchase and access it.


Should You Get It?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner to woodworking or a pro at it. There’s something in this book for every woodworker.

The sheer variety of plans and techniques means that you’ll definitely be able to use at least a fraction of the info within and more than recoup the cost of your small investment. In fact, this product will pay dividends many times over when you’re looking for projects to create or need ideas.

We’ll be brutally honest here – this product doesn’t need hype. It has been an online bestseller for OVER A DECADE with thousands of copies sold.

If you’re into woodworking, you need it… and it will help you become a master at what you do. Period.


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